Questions to ask when defining the UX of an internal tool

Define Requirements

I always start my projects by asking what’s the problem we are trying to solve? The answer was pretty straightforward this time: Industry Dive has a new product that is currently created by hand. We need a sustainable process to allow the editorial team to assemble the product.

Define Relationships

Next, I split the requirements into three groups: initial content creation, editing content and content assembly. I then visualized how these requirements relate to each other by asking myself specific questions. These questions guided the user flow iterations and helped refine the relationships.

The user flow diagram iterations as questions refined the solution.

Define the Wireframes

After the stakeholders approved the user flow diagrams, it was time to move toward wireframes.

A few examples on how the user flow diagrams influenced the wireframes.

Next steps

These defining questions helped me create a functional wireframe to present to stakeholders. Based on their feedback we refined the process into a user friendly proposal. The next steps are breaking down the screens into tasks for the development team to get started on.



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